Safety, Luxury, and Stand-Out Style Highlight the 2017 Audi A7’s Appeal

Five years ago, Audi broke its own mold of elegantly-minimal styling with the maverick looks of the A7. Usually, such a bold move is experimental, but it stuck. For 2017, the A7 offers more than just coupe-like looks and five doors, but a blend of high-tech, high-luxury, and impressive practicality with plenty to love in between.

Autotrader may boil down the A7’s test drive appeal to five reasons, but there are plenty more than that. On the one hand, Audi has nailed this interior with a level of fit, finish, and refinement that will more than sate luxury drivers. On the other, the spacious and seriously comfortable rear seat with its own two climate control zones and 24.5 cu-ft of cargo space set it apart from its rivals. A wide array of safety gear is standard, with more on the options sheet. Those wanting more power than that offered by the meaty supercharged V6 engines can step up to the S7 or RS7, which run the gamut from 450 to 605-hp.

To determine which A7 (or S7 or RS7) is the best fit for you, schedule an appointment with our Audi dealership in Union City, GA. We can answer your questions, and take you for a test drive with the model that speaks to you.

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