Are You Aware of Common Dashboard Warning Light Definitions?

A car dashboard is an essential display. It is the device that transmits important pieces of information to the driver. By use of the vast range of sensors, your vehicle can diagnose many issues that affect the performance of your car. In the instances where your vehicle develops a problem, the dashboard may provide you with a warning.

Every car has its own specific dashboard warnings lights and information relating to each. The information about each dashboard light warning can be found in the driver handbook. Our service staff at Audi South Atlanta has outlined some of the warning lights and their solutions. They include:

  • Engine temperature warning light: it means that your car's coolant is overheating and you should pull over and let the car cool down.
  • Oil pressure warning light: It indicates that your engine doesn't have the normal oil pressure. Maybe the oil pressure could be low, or there could be a severe engine problem. In case of this alert, pull over and turn off the engine.
  • Battery charging warning: this indicates the battery juice is running low. The appropriate solution will be turning off the engine except for the headlights only if you are driving at night.

If you have any problem with the dashboard lights of your vehicle, you may consider visiting Audi South Atlanta.

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