For Performance or Rough Weather, Audi Quattro’s Commanding Grip Has You Covered

Although many think of all-wheel drive as a “bad weather” necessity, some systems, like Audi’s quattro can also assist with performance when the pavement is dry. That’s part of why quattro has been the benchmark AWD tech for over thirty-five years. When conditions are poor, it sends power to the wheels with the most grip, and keeps you secure all other times.

While rival automakers have systems that predict traction loss before it happens, Audi’s system was the first, and remains the best. Part of that is due to its mechanical composition, which utilizes a self-locking center differential connected to two shafts. These shafts enable power to be routed continuously between front and rear axles, which in normal driving receive 40/60 percent of an engine’s power. Yet the system can transfer up to 70 percent to the front, and 85 percent to the rear as required, and can even vector torque between wheels to help with cornering.

Millions of new Audi models with the quattro badge can be found all over the world—a testament to the confidence and security of this technology. To make sure the model you test drive has quattro, let a sales rep from our Union City, GA dealership know.

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