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Pay for Certified Audi Service at Your Own Pace with Affirm

If you have a high service cost, you may not want to pay the entire amount upfront. If you'd prefer monthly payments, talk to Audi South Atlanta about Affirm. Affirm is a new, convenient program that allows you to service your vehicle now and pay later. There are no hidden or late fees, and Affirm features a zero-percent annual percentage rate for qualified customers. The pre-qualification form is quick and easy, and there are no hard credit checks.

Steps to Sign Up for Affirm

By partnering with Affirm, Audi South Atlanta gives customers more flexibility to pay for all types of auto repairs at our Atlanta area service department. Whether it's the cost of a brake pad replacement or a new Audi battery, Affirm can break down the total price into smaller monthly installments. Now, instead of paying a bundle upfront, you'll be able to select a payment plan that works for your budget. Here's how to get started:

1. Text a code to 58083

Follow the link to get started.

2. Create an account to

Then you'll select a preferred payment plan.

3. Get a virtual card

You'll show it to a service advisor at Audi South Atlanta.

If you'd like more direction on Affirm and how to start the process, get in touch with the Audi service department in Union City, GA. We'll walk you through how to finance your next round of Audi service with a custom loan and monthly payments. There will be no surprises when you take advantage of Affirm. Knowing what you'll owe removes the stress of repairing your luxury vehicle.

Get Pre-Qualified for Affirm Online Today

Service now. Pay later. That's the goal of Affirm. We don't want the cost of brake, transmission, or battery service to prevent you from servicing your Audi with our Union City service center. Take a few minutes to find out what you're pre-qualified to spend. Once you choose a payment plan, you'll be on your way to paying off the cost of new brake pads, spark plugs, or a car battery. With no hidden interest or fees, Affirm is a transparent program that makes your life as an Audi owner easy. Get started today.

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