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When it comes to car-buying, it’s a woman’s world. Here are some facts about the purchasing power of women specifically in automotive and some tips for using the power wisely. 
  • Women make 65% of new car purchase decisions. (Source: Yankelovich Monitor, M2W Conference) 
  • Women spend over $200 billion on new cars and servicing of vehicles each year. (Source: She-conomy) 
  • 45% of all light trucks and SUVs are purchased by women. (Source:, 2010) 
Here are some of the top items to keep in mind when looking to buy a new or used car: 
  1. Value. Women often care more about how a vehicle fits into our daily lives and will meet our needs, so practicality and function are extremely important. Astylish, fuel-efficient vehicle for daily commutesis ideal for anyone really. Many manufacturers have seen higher sales numbers with smaller SUVs and crossovers for women in recent years and have taken note.  
  2. Safety  According to CNW Research, safety features are obviously very important as well. They rated front and rear visibility as well as parking assist are important features. It’s no shock that cars that help to eliminate blind spots with a 360 degree view and have auto braking features are important too. 
  3. Four doors. A highly practical vehicle typically means one with four doors. Four doors meanmore functionality to get your pets, kids and items Have you ever struggled to pack a two-door sportscar for a camping trip with lots of gear or for a cross-country move? We have and it’s not super fun.
  4. Positive reviews. Most women are likely to do substantial advance research when planning a car purchase. We are much more likely to trust advice from experts and people within their own communities. Having a trusted dealership you can visit for sales and service needs is extremely important.
?The Q3 is the smallest SUV Audi offers but still is spacious enough to meet their needs with seating for 5. Easy flip down seats and the power lift gate makes it easy for women to load and unload anything they want.  

These features are also available in the Q5, with a bit more room for seating for 5. Along with its spacious interior, comfortable seats, and impressive performance. The Q5 also offers great fuel economy. This makes it a terrific choice for anyone concerned with reducing their carbon footprint and saving some money on fuel with 28 mpg on highway driving 

Additionally, a roomy interior with adjustable heated seats / heated steering wheel and sound dampening are all features that certainly appeal to female car buyers. Along with safety features like Audi pre-sense to help stop your car from hitting another vehicle and tire pressure monitoring make it a trustworthy car. Check out all the safety features here.

At our Atlanta Audi dealership, which serves Cabbagetown, Fayetteville, Palmetto as well as other Atlanta cities, we treat everyone that walks in the door with respect and have a comfortable waiting area for when you bring in your vehicle for service too. 

So, if you’re in the market for a vehicle, need a service appointment, or simply want to stop by and meet the friendly faces at Audi South Atlanta dealership, come on in for a visit. We’ll have some fresh coffee ready for you.