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Auto financing can be a stressful and time-consuming aspect of the buying process. However, at Audi South Atlanta, we serve Union City and beyond by creating opportunities instead of obstacles for our customers. By giving Decatur drivers online resources and tools, they can start financing from the comfort of their homes and save time on-site.

An excellent way for Peachtree City drivers to get started on auto financing from home is by completing our online finance application. By providing some basic information about your financial history, you can discover your loan amount without waiting on-site for a lender's response or filling out paperwork.

Find out why so many from the Columbus area choose to finance with us.

High-Quality New and Used Inventory

One of the best reasons to finance with us is our one-stop-shop buying experience. You can find a high-quality vehicle and seamlessly transition into buying. As you look through our new inventory, you will discover that we carry a broad range of the latest Audi models. We are proud to serve Macon by carrying a wide variety of body styles, trim levels, and available features to consider.

Some of the popular new Audi models that you will find in our new inventory include:

If you're looking to maximize your savings when buying your next vehicle, our used inventory may be right for you. In addition to luxury Audi models that are in exceptional condition, you will also find a vast selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs from other popular brands. Whether you're interested in a sporty convertible or a rugged pickup truck, there's something for everyone in our used inventory.

Buy vs. Lease

One of the first decisions that you will have to make when financing your next vehicle is to either buy or lease. Both offer their own advantages, so it's mostly a matter of which option suits your budget and lifestyle best. Our finance team will help you find competitive rates by working with local and national lenders.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Access the Latest Technology and Features for Less
  • Pay Less in Sales Tax
  • Easily Transition to a New Car Every Two to Three Years
  • Lower Repair Costs while Under the Vehicle's Warranty

Benefits of Buying

  • Modify Your Vehicle as You Like
  • Flexibility when You Sell
  • Use the Car as a Trade-in

Buy Online at Audi South Atlanta

By using our digital buying tool, you can complete everything but the final paperwork from the comfort of your home. Our buying tool allows you to take the buying process at your own pace and on your own schedule while minimizing your time spent on-site. Many choose to buy online since it is quick, convenient, and highly satisfying.

The steps of buying online include:

  • Select a Vehicle: Browse our new and used inventory to discover the right match for you. With our buying tool integrated with our inventory, you can seamlessly start the buying process from the vehicle details page.
  • Calculate Your Payments: Fine-tune your payment plan by choosing to lease or loan, selection the term length, and more for transparency and control.
  • Value Your Trade-In: Use the Kelley Blue Book trade-in tool to discover the objective value of your trade-in vehicle.
  • Apply for Financing: Our online finance application allows you to easily add your loan amount to your purchase. 
  • Schedule a Test Drive: To see if your selection is right for you, you can schedule a test drive and see what it's like behind the wheel.

Get Started with Our Finance Application

If you're looking for a better way to start financing from home, complete our finance application today!