Audi Ownership Experience

End-of-Lease Process for Audi Drivers

Is your Audi Q5 lease about to end? Do you know what you're going to do next? Audi South Atlanta gives Audi lessees three options. You can return your leased Audi to Union City and lease another model. You can purchase the Audi A4 at the end of your leasing contract. Finally, you can bring back your leased Audi and walk away. You can always chat with an Audi South Atlanta staff member if you'd like advice about what to do when your Audi lease ends.

Leasing vs. Financing an Audi:
Which is Right?

If you don't know the difference between leasing and financing, you're not alone. In the simplest terms, financing a vehicle means you take out a loan and are paying to eventually own the vehicle, while leasing means paying a dealership to drive a vehicle for a predetermined period of time. Work with our Atlanta area auto finance team to learn more about your options.

Buy Your Car Online at Audi South Atlanta

Do you want to save time when leasing or financing a new Audi in the Atlanta area? You can accelerate your Audi purchase or lease with the convenient digital-retailing tools at Audi South Atlanta. You'll follow these five easy steps:

  • Choose Your Vehicle
  • Personalize Your Payment
  • Value Your Trade-In
  • Apply for Financing
  • Schedule Test Drive
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Audi Financial Services in Union City, GA

The most important part of getting the keys to a new Audi Q7 is applying for credit. Audi South Atlanta offers a finance application that you can access from anywhere. Applying for financing takes about 10 to 15 minutes and saves you more time at your Union City Audi dealership. You'll rest assured in knowing that you have credit approval before showing up at Audi South Atlanta. If you run into a question on the credit application, contact the team at Audi South Atlanta in Union City.